Publisher and Supplier FAQs

Can I submit photographs to Calendar Club for consideration?
  • Calendar Club are a retail operation and therefore we do not print or publish calendars
  • We cannot accept photographs for inclusion in future calendars
  • We can only accept samples that are printed and finished, ready for retailing
What elements are taken into consideration when Calendar Club decide on which calendars to retail?
  • Supplier terms and conditions, e.g. wholesale cost, payment terms, etc.
  • Subject matter - we know what is popular every year
  • Quality
  • Retail price
  • Novelty value
  • Existing brand, license and merchandise legacy

Danilo enjoys a long standing, harmonious commercial relationship with Calendar Club that is both professional and enjoyable. The sharing of trend and consumer preference information is invaluable for our product development and planning.

Chris James, Sales Director, Danilo

Avonside Publishing have been supplying Calendar Club for over 10 years. We have found the experience positive and a pleasure each year. The staff are professional and friendly. Booking in procedure is straight forward. Invoices are paid promptly. All good.

David Higgins, M.D, Avonside Publishing