What our operators say about us

At the end of each season, our operators are invited to let us know how we performed. We see this as a valuable opportunity to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, and assess the suitably of our support network. This is also a perfect chance to find out what both our staff and customers have been saying about our range of products. Here is a small selection of recent feedback.

What a superb business model - you have thought of everything!

Sharon Brown, Street Clarks Village

I have enjoyed the experience and believe that Calendar Club are an important part of the high street.

Lisa McLachlan, Edinburgh

Everybody at head office was helpful and polite. They strived to deal with requests and answered any questions.

Stephen Davis, Harrogate

Great great fun!!

Jackie Connolly, Eastleigh

Positive interaction with customers ... they kept on coming back to buy more ... wonderful!!

Godwin Ezuma, Aldershot

Another enjoyable season, I would like 2 shops next year!

Sarah Cartwright, Solihull

I very much enjoy working with Calendar Club and love all the products

Pat Dare, Redditch

Enjoyed the product and enjoyed the experience of selling it.

Charles Meads, Ipswich

All round good experience again and enjoyable.

Martin McNeary, Glasgow

I had a really good season at Freeport and many customers were happy to see us again.

Deborah Forrester, Stoke-on-Trent

Calendar Club is very well organised and professional in every sense.

Velibor Tanaskovic, Londonderry

Overall a great experience - I wish to do it again next year.

Leanne Johnstone, Ayr